Welcome to The Geode! (First Issue Introduction)

I thought I'd explain why I named this newsletter The Geode.

I've often wondered about the forces that created volcanic geodes, having found a few at a nearby alpine lake. This type of geode is basically an ancient gas bubble, one that remained trapped within magma as it cooled to form solid rock. Over time, the percolating action of mineral-filled underground water created a crystallized lining within the empty space.

The notion of subterranean, bejewelled voids got me thinking of architectural space -- pockets of air protected by a durable shell, slowly accumulating a decorative inner coating via human use. I figured it would be interesting to explore a series of built and dreamed-about small architecture projects through the lens of geology and the outdoor elements.

I'm also thinking of this newsletter as a geode -- an unassuming little pocket, slowly building up stories.

(Image: author's own)

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