Speculative Project #1: Geode Sauna

I'm excited to be sharing what I've found out in the world as far as small playful building design, as well as posting some of my ongoing explorations.

I've recently started designing a series of shelters situated in unexpected places - on or inside boulders, for example. Some of the designs will likely be too fanciful to be built, but I want to stretch my mind in this direction to generate ideas for real projects. The theme is spaces of refuge or reflection.

The Geode Sauna, pictured here, perches on a boulder that most likely rolled down the mountain behind our house at some point in the last few millennia. I'm enjoying the contrast of the boulder's permanence to the sauna, constructed from lightweight salvaged cedar.

Nearby there's a snowmelt creek for a quick cool-off, and throughout the year the shelter can be used as a meditation space.

(Image: Illustration by Anne Ehrlich)

© 2020 by Anne Ehrlich.

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